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PhD Research Lunch - Shared screen with speaker view
Amit Kumar
Super interesting, Rex. Does your theory here have anything to say about whether these findings are specific to “shift” workers? That is, do you suspect it would also be true that, say, academic researchers’ productivity would similarly benefit from consistency in their schedules (and this would be more true for, say, graduate students than professors)?
Rex Du
Amit, good question. Our theory is not limited to shift workers. We theorized that the positive impact of a consistent schedule comes from two sources: 1) predictability that allows people to plan ahead, and 2) rhythmicity (circadian and circaseptan).
Amit Kumar
Makes sense—thank you! Again: really interesting data.
Amit Kumar
As an aside, scholarship could benefit from marketing professors using the word “circaseptan” in their research more often :)
Huseyin Tanriverdi
Thank you and welcome to all new faculty.
Kelly Kamm
Thank you,.